Technology Integration & Strategic Planning

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Instructional TEchnology Integration

So, you purchased your technology - now what? What are you expecting staff and students to do with the equipment? These decisions are extremely important and should not be made in isolation. I can help uncover your priorities with you and put a plan in place for integrating technology into your instructional program.                                                           

TEchnology Mission and vision

Are your technology priorities clear? Are your core values explicitly defined and public? Do you have shared beliefs that will guide your technology integration decisions? Developing a tech-specific mission statement is a critical part of successful technology integration.                                                                                                 

Team Building

School district tech departments are unlike any other, in that they often contain both support service, instructional, and administrative personnel. To move your program forward, it is crucial that these valuable teammates work well together - and with others. 

Professional Development

You have a unique staff. Teachers and students are all at varying levels of comfort and expertise with technology. Do you have the proper supports in place for them? Are you struggling to develop a program that can maximize your resources while reaching the widest possible audience of learners? I've worked with a team to struggle through these questions and have valuable insight.


Clearly identified goals, objectives, and action steps help guide budgetary decisions, drive schedules, and prioritize work in both the infrastructure and instructional realms of educational technology. A structured technology plan will frame this work for all of your stakeholders.                                                                      

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A true district initiative, 1:1 student technology is fast becoming the norm for educators. The potential payoffs are fantastic, but behind the curtain are fluctuating challenges in asset protection, funding, and countless other logistics —challenges I have personally experienced and can assist with.                                                               


Today's educational landscape provides ample opportunity to substantially enhance learning. Unfortunately, most educators have seen exciting initiatives enter with much fanfare, only to lose momentum and fizzle without making much of an impact. Ultimately, our decisions determine our successes.